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In today's world, connection to the Internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity.   From individual student laptops to regional servers, technology support personnel are constantly on the move responding to computer and network issues as they arise, maintaining the Region's connection with the world and with each other.  They are also responsible for tech support for all software systems in use in the region, systems which are used daily for instruction, data maintenance and storage, and financial accounting.  Whew!

Technology services for RSU #20 are housed at the Superintendent's Office at 6 Mortland Road, Searsport ME.  The following personnel can be reached by calling 548-6643:

 Technology Director:  Robert Bradford
 Technology Integrators:  K-5 Lynn Redman
  6-12 Susan Capwell

 IT Technicians:
  Mike Fuller
  Rusty Grove


Student laptop documents