Situational Awareness - 17 December 2021 social media challenge: no credible threats in Maine

December 17, 2021

Message from Superintendent Chris Downing 


Dear RSU #20 School Community,


The Maine Department of Education and Maine Information and Analysis Center has informed schools of social media threats.  Specifically, the Tik Tok platform social media challenge to school disruptions on 17 December 2021.


RSU #20 schools were not identified, nor were any Maine schools.  The post appears to be part of a national Tik Tok trend.  The threats/challenges do not appear to be credible, but RSU #20 has been closely monitoring the situation.  RSU #20 administrators, our school-wide Resource Office, and local law enforcement have diligently followed the RSU #20 emergency plan.


Student safety, staff, safety, and community safety will always be our top concern.  Thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping our students, staff and community safe.




Chris Downing