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Searsport ● Stockton Springs
Our Vision
RSU 20 is a 21st Century Learning Community providing high quality education, enabling our
students to meet the challenges of contemporary life. In partnership with our communities, our
dedicated staff work to engage our students through a balance of experiential, classical, and
technology-based curriculum and diverse learning experiences. We establish rigorous
standards for academic achievement, and hold high expectations of citizenship for all within
our schools. We work collaboratively to maintain a safe, friendly, and open educational
environment that engages our students. We recognize the spirit, integrity, and individuality of
our partner communities in the pursuit of excellence in education.
Our Mission
The Mission of RSU 20 is to provide the highest quality education possible for our students.
Our stakeholder groups, teachers, parents, administrators and community members, have
identified six areas important to achieving our goal.
To fulfill our mission, as stakeholders in Regional School Unit 20, we will…
21st Century Learning
  • set clear expectations and high standards for student achievement and citizenship
  • engage in a team approach to teaching and learning
  • develop a system of data-driven decision making and accountability
  • ensure all students achieve mastery of core standards in content, skills, critical thinking and problem solving
Rigorous Curriculum
  • balance the utilization of technology, classical and experiential education to develop diverse learning experiences for our students
  • develop a highly collaborative and integrative approach to teaching and learning across all grade levels
  • utilize state, national and global standards to guide the development of challenging, effective curricula
Student Centered Approach
  • honor a student-centered approach to teaching and learning
  • facilitate student initiated and directed learning
  • provide programs and flexibility to meet the needs of all learners
  • establish multiple pathways for graduation
  • support alternative education and technical education programs
  • support special education programming
  • support fine arts education
  • facilitate student government structures and programming in community service and service learning
  • utilize restorative practices in student discipline and student conduct issues
Learning Environment
  • develop an open learning center structure at the secondary level, utilizing SDHS, BAHS and WCTC
  • share, resources, programming opportunities and facilities to provide equity of access for all
  • provide options in both programming and educational settings for our students
  • utilize technology to offer maximum availability of courses and content
Community Involvement
  • provide and support community based learning experiences
  • encourage and support parent and community involvement in all of our schools
  • facilitate communication between community, home and school
  • utilize the resources of our local communities to enrich the learning experiences of our schools
  • develop structures for utilizing local business as mentor/partner experiences for our students
Facilities and Resources
  • provide efficient and updated school facilities
  • create attractive, safe and welcoming campuses
  • budget for and allocate resources to support the RSU 20 vision
  • seek funding opportunities to further support educational enhancements
  • weigh budget decisions based on the RSU 20 vision
Adopted by the Board of Directors
October 12, 2010