Economically disadvantaged survey: SY 23/24

Each year, we must collect economically disadvantaged information for our October reporting, which MDOE (Maine Department of Education) uses for EPS (Essential Programs and Services) funding.
Link to the 23/24 survey:
We will also have devices (laptops and/or iPads) available during our Open House on Monday, 28 August for parent and caregiver use to fill out the survey.
If you have a student or students in RSU #20, we encourage you to fill out both the economically disadvantaged survey and a free/reduced lunch application.
  • The Economically Disadvantaged survey and information is confidential and is used to support RSU #20 funding from the MDOE. 
  • We ask you also submit a completed NSLP (National School Lunch Program) Free/Reduced application.  Free/Reduced information is gathered for federal reporting purposes and impacts our federal grants, such as eRate, Title I, Title II, plus others.
  • The Economically Disadvantaged survey results are not used for free/reduced status: only for MDOE EPS reporting.