RSU #20 joins The Education Collaborative Student Privacy Alliance to further protect student privacy

RSU #20 is committed to the security of student data and has joined The Education Collaborative’s (TEC) Student Data Privacy Alliance ( RSU #20 recognizes the importance of real-time data in guiding student success, however, we also acknowledge our roles as gatekeepers for student personally identifiable information (PII).

TEC services over 240 school districts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont with expert legal counsel and experienced contract administrators. To date, they have achieved over 1700 signed vendor agreements. “We are encouraged to see so many school districts demonstrating a real commitment to the safety and security of their students’ information”, said Liz McGonagle, Executive Director of the Educational Collaborative (TEC). RSU #20 efforts in joining TEC’s Student Data Privacy Alliance is truly a reflection of RSU #20’s dedication to protecting a student’s personally identifiable information.” 

In cooperation with the Student Data Privacy Consortium, TEC developed a statewide Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) that now spans 5 states:  MA, NH, RI, ME, and VT. RSU #20 will utilize TEC’s Student Data Privacy Alliance (SDPA) administrative and legal support to negotiate privacy terms with our software vendors. These legally enforceable documents articulate a vendor’s responsibilities and the duties required to protect student data in compliance with all applicable federal and state privacy statutes, including FERPA, PPRA, COPPA.

For a listing of RSU #20 online resources and the status of a Student Data Privacy Agreement, please visit