Pesticide Application Notice - 5 May 2024 (update)

The pesticide application did not occur on 28 April 2024 as planned.  The new application date is set for 5 May 2024.

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Searsport, ME 04974

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Pesticide Application Notice

Dear Parent, Guardian or Staff Member:

I am writing to let you know that a pesticide with the trade name of Talstar Professional Insecticide, and the EPA registration number of 279.3206, is rescheduled to be applied on 5 May 2024 (weather permitting), at the specific location of RSU #20 schools. This is being done to help manage ticks as part of our Integrated Pest Management Program to ensure a healthy school environment. Signs will also be posted at access points and at central locations at Searsport Elementary School and Searsport District Middle/High School at least two working days prior to, and will remain posted for 48 hours after the application. This notice is being provided at least five days prior to the planned pesticide application in accordance with our school’s Integrated Pest Management Policy and in compliance with Maine Board of Pesticides Control Regulation CMR 01-026 Chapter 27.

For further information regarding this action please contact the IPM Coordinator Josh Brady at 207-548-6643.


Chris Downing
Superintendent of Schools, RSU #20